Youth Speaks Out.org was established at the request of over (200) local students and educators, at a city-wide forum on youth well being, after (6) local teens died by suicide in an (18) month time-span. Youth leaders at the forum indicated the need for a recurring arts venue, where high school youth could safetly create, exhibit and share the internal reality through the discipline of the arts classroom. YSO instructors are certified arts teachers insode our district high school classrooms.


The YSO program adheres to the California state curriculum, so that students receive a rigorous arts program, over the course of a semester, as evidenced by both the stunning student images created, and the eloquent written narratives, articles and poetry submitted.


YSO promotes youth well being by allowing students to directly express their genuine voices, through the arts language that resonates best for them, whether it's a visual, literary or performing arts lexicon. Secondarily, YSO brings students together with arts professionals, who are visitng artists in the YSO classroom. Students engage with the professional artist as an equal - with varying degress of expertise, with a high level of expectation and YSO brings students together to learn from students across demographics - students who don't usually associate with one another.


Our goal is to build supportive community beyond demographics and include local business that support our youth.


We support the vital place of arts in education. We work on interdisciplinary collaboration  - across arts languages, and bridging the nexus of art and technology.



Friday March 23rd, 5-7pm


Palo Alto Art Center

1313 Newell Rd, Palo Alto 94303

(Exhibit: March 21st - April 18th)



“The Arts & Local Youth Well Being”


A stunning exhibit of written, visual and performance art:

Students in art classes at Gunn and Paly share, “What it's like to be me”


Youth Art • Poetry • Music • Refreshments

Speeches by students, parents and local officials



Youth Speaks Out is in our sixth year as an arts program; formed after a 2010 Palo Alto Youth Forum, when six students died by suicide within eighteen months. At the time, teens asked to engage with committed adults to establish a safe, recurring, artistic venue for youth to create, display and share their artwork, so that the community might witness directly what life is like for them in our town, and better respond. We add new pilot projects in response to needs voiced by students and YSO teachers. One new aspect this year is an art commission and a work internship program, in coordination with supportive local business leaders.



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